Book Cover for ‘Diakritika’ (Discreetly), the first poetry book of Renee Styliara, published by Gavrielides Publications (Greece).

The main theme of this book is love, love incomplete. Red is the color of love, passion and power.

A red abstract shape, something between air, fire and water, is designed on the cover and aims to show to the reader the birth of love, the feeling at its very beginning. When the person in love feels powerful, capable of doing everything but in the same time unsure, insecure and helpless.

The cover of the book symbolizes the beginning, where everything seems incomplete, as the book describes an one sided love but the back cover comes to complete the story. To leave us with an optimistic message by the usage of an overwhelmed red color that takes over the whole back cover. The original small red splash of the cover growths but remains ethereal and fills the back cover,  now the circle is complete.

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