We have been approached by the owner of Mr. Wash and his team in order to help him refresh the image of his business, a carwash. We realized from the 1st meeting that we had a great name in our hands and the freedom to create. That drove us to the best approach, in our opinion, for this redesign. We decided from the very beginning to give a face to the brand, to give birth to a real Mr. Wash and build a whole new concept around him. Creating a trend figure, with a characteristic moustache, helped us widen our potential clientele (addressing to a younger audience that listens tones of music and socializes in the web). An alter ego of Mr. Wash was designed following the business expansion in the heating field and we named him Mr. Heat. Those two, twin brothers, are the protagonists in all the necessary applications we designed, from stationary to environmental signage and from leaflets to social media graphics.

This moustache guy (or moustakias as we say in greek) holds the leading role on this concept! Mr. Wash welcome to our family!!
Special thanks to Constantinos (owner) and Hera (manager) for being open minded!!

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